Creating Revenue from Customer Data

A Data Monetization Framework

Just imagine where your data could take you. By understanding the value of your data, your company is well on its way to realizing revenue opportunities from enterprise data.

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What's the buzz around data?

Understand your data to see
where the value may lie.

Call center logs, data stored as text or social media posts exist in abundance. But unless data is easily accessible in a scalable format, it’s of little use. Ensure your data is structured to allow you to extract relevant, marketable insights.

What's Your Data Worth?

Are you extracting
the value?

How Do I Know
If My Data Has Value?

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The Accenture Interactive Data
Monetization Framework helps
determine the right business model.

Value of Data Volume of Data
  • 1 Companies that generate a rich pool of raw data can sell it with little investment - think NASDAQ Data On Demand service.
  • 2 Processed data comes from multiple sources that is stored, managed and analyzed for others to consume.
  • 3 Use of data science, data mining, predictive modeling and analytics help perform complex correlations on data and gain business insights.
  • 4 The ability to present data, insights, and analytic models to key business partners, helps them build scalable new business ventures.
  • 5 Companies provide an end-to-end solution to conduct high value transactions, leveraging the unique data of the enterprise, at scale for key business partners.

Where Do We Start in Building
a Data Monetization Business?

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What's Your Data Strategy?

What's your
data strategy?

Data monetization alliances are
gathering momentum.

For example, retailers are collaborating with wireless carriers to gain insights into geo-location data, tracking customer movements at shopping malls or in-store, and using that data to devise targeted marketing campaigns and design loyalty programs based on relevance and frequency. Consider your data and strategy to determine your go-to-market approach.

What are the Key Investments and Risks
in Building a Data Monetization Business?

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Download Video Transcript [PDF, 173KB]

What’s Your Data

So what could you collaborate with?

Gain insight into revenue opportunities
embedded in enterprise data.

As the volume and variety of data continues to rise, so do the opportunities to find value in it. But to identify data monetization opportunities in an informed and results-driven manner, companies must assess the value of enterprise data, determine how best to maximize its potential and figure out how to get the data to the market efficiently.

Creating Revenue From Customer Data

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